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Assorted Saints and the Virtues of Faith, Hope & Love
Our Catholic Kidz Camp program is the answer to a Catholic dilemma: confusion and challenges by all the non-Catholic VBS programs

We have included an exciting Mystery Key Hunt in this new VBS. Kids will love it! Children will gain an understanding of the Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

Up Up & Away in the Assorted Saints hot air balloon! Take flight with your copilots, Juan Diego, Brigid of Ireland, Martin de Porres, Nicholas of Myra, and Kateri Tekakwitha on a five day adventure! At an altitude of 1500 feet float over land and sea. Let the wind propel you and DISCOVER the timeless virtues of faith, hope, and love at each DESTINATION! FUN is just through the clouds. Sensational skits, exciting Bible stories, creative crafts, amazing music, and a Mystery Key-Hunt are guaranteed to be a hit!

We have High Hopes for a Great (CKC)! Come fly with Around the World with the Virtues featuring the assorted saints and earn your pilotís certificate!

Included are 4 copies of our saint storybook The Assorted Saints and the Virtues. These five friends of God, an Indian princess, a barefoot Mexican peasant, an Irish slave girl, a wealthy young Eurasian, and a black South American were chosen for their diverse ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. Despite their differences they all shared a devotion to God and practiced the virtues. Remarkable miracles happened in their lives. Remember; All things are possible with God.

Complete 5-day format
Our program is written in a five day, three hours per day format and is comprised of four separate grade levels: It can be easily adapted to multi-age groups.

5 Themed Lessons
5 Daily Lessons Reflect the Virtues Theme
Day One: The Virtue of Faith
Day Two: The Virtue of Hope
Day Three: The Virtue of Love
Day Four: The Greatest Virtue/The Eucharist
Day Five: Be a Missionary/Adoration
Daily readings from The Assorted Saints and the Virtues will entertain, enlighten, and call kids to holiness.

Each day is action-packed
Each day includes and Opening Assembly with a DVD, Action/Song DVD, and skits. The campers rotate to a Faith lesson, Bible story, Craft, Game/Activities, Music and Snack station. Each child will take home a Family Corner activity handout to share with their family.

4 Fully Illustrated Storybooks
One copy for each grade level
The Assorted Saints storybook contains 28 delightful full-color illustrations designed to captivate the interest and strengthen the faith of every child.

Valuable Faith Formation
The Assorted Saints and the Virtues of Faith, Hope & Love can be utilized as much more than a one-time summer program. The content is valuable for Faith Formation. The material can be used by catechists for Religious Education classes, teachersí supplemental material, and for Family/Parish outreach snd evangelization.

           The Assorted Saints Kidz Camp includes:
Free Zone Clip-Art/Resource CD (sheet music and lyrics are included in program on clip art CD)
The Boy Who Became Santa DVD
1 Action/Song DVD - Aeronauts in Action
2 Music CDs
1 Songbook CD
1 Camp Director Guide
4 Faith Leader Guides
1 Bible Leader Guide
1 Music Guide
1 Themed Snack Guide
1 Activities/Games Guide
1 Themed Craft Guide
Master Craft Supply List
Eucharistic Adoration
Mass Planning Sheet
Daily Opening Assemblies
Closing Assembly
The Cheerful Giver Service Project & more...

Service Project Guide
Through The Cheerful Giver Service Project children will collect toys and change to distribute to the poor and needy in their Parish. The children learn the value of sharing Godís love with others less fortunate! Just like Saint Nicholas, God loves a cheerful giver!