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Growing with the Saints
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Be the first to own a copy of the storybook, St. Jerome - Lion Turned Lamb
Jerome is one of Heaven’s amazing saints. He lived many years ago, even before America was discovered. Pope Damasus gave St Jerome an enormous task that took fifty-five years to complete. His job was to translate the Holy Bible into a language the people could understand. He did this monumental work with only the light of a lantern, using pen and ink.

In this story you will meet a wounded lion who was befriended by St Jerome. The lion was wrongly accused of killing a gentle donkey under his care. A beautiful moral is found in this story concerning passing judgment without proof.

This book is the fifth in our series of many saint stories designed and illustrated to captivate the interest and strengthen the faith of every child.

10 pages with full-color illustrations - soft-cover

**4 Books included in VBS Program

Order one storybook for each
Kidz Camp participant. Excellent take
home to share with families!

** get your copy......ONLY $4.99
Sorry, no special or bulk pricing on this book.


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